hey there

I'm Sarah.

As a hotel designer, my passion is creating stunning spaces that delight travelers as they journey

around the world.

My story began . . . 

in a small town in Texas

Where my childhood

dollhouse renovations 

sparked a dream of creating beautiful spaces on a much larger scale

I traded in the wide open spaces for the bright lights of the big city

Making my move . . .

Living my design dream

turning my visions into reality

in the city that never sleeps, one latte-fueled deadline at a time

beautiful destinations that pamper and delight those who roam around the world. 

I  love creating. . .

Chances are...

you have been a guest

in one of the spaces I've helped bring to life

I 've spent my life . . .

Working to make the world a more beautiful place.

And now I want to help you transform the place you call home.

hanging above your head...

Or trudged through the scorching desert sands and stepped into a lavish Las Vegas casino to find a glittering chandelier restaurant

sumptuous bed...

Jetted across the globe to a faraway land and checked into a luxurious hotel where you snuggled beneath the freshly pressed sheets of a

Have you ever...

Beautiful Spaces

They come to life through the heart and hustle of many people working to create memorable moments for each guest who walks through the door.

First is to celebrate and showcase these phenomenal venues so that you can discover and experience them for yourself during your own travels.

I've designed this website for two reasons: 

don't just happen effortlessly

Second is to offer design inspiration and guidance to help you create a beautiful home you love.


the next step . . .

on your design journey



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