New York City Guide - Where to Splurge - High Tea at the Baccarat Hotel, New York City.

The beauty of New York is that you can find all the best things across a range of budgets. You can grab a phenomenal slice of pizza without breaking the bank. Or you could go to the other end of the spectrum and treat yourself to all sorts of luxurious frills and thrills. So if you’re in the mood for a bit of bling and modern luxury, the high tea experience at the Baccarat hotel in NYC is a must!

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Modern Luxury

Everyone has their own unique expectations of what luxury means to them. For me, it must offer an experience that takes me out of the day-to-day grind and takes me to another world. And that’s where the Baccarat shines.

Picture this: You’ve just escaped the chaos of Times Square, and now you’re on the brink of entering the glamorous Baccarat Hotel world. As you stroll through the door, you’re greeted by this massive 125-foot-wide glass curtain that sparkles and shimmers like a waterfall of luxury. The interior design of the lobby is a testament to decadence with dark, moody wood accents.

But what really catches your eye is the mesmerizing moving wall of light highlighting a display of 2,000 crystal Baccarat glasses. You’ll stand, mesmerized, as you watch the undulating dance of lights that magically emanate from behind the vessels.

Mind you, these aren’t your grandma’s fancy glasses; they’re more like modern crystal art pieces, and they’re putting on an enchanting light show–basically saying, Welcome to the party! 🎉

Check out this video to see the sparkle and watch them dancing in action!

The Baccarat Brand: A Crystal Legacy

Before we head up to the Grand Salon for the ultimate indulgence in modern luxury High Tea experience in NYC, let’s take a quick peek at the Baccarat brand – it’s like the rockstar of the crystal world. These folks have been dazzling us with their glass game since the 18th century, and they’re all about that crystal clarity and brilliance. You could say they’ve been the go-to for royalty and folks with taste built into their bloodline.

In 1823, Baccarat dropped a game-changer with their “Baccarat Cuts” – it’s like an intricate tattoo for crystal. So, when you step into the Baccarat Hotel, you’re not just walking into a fancy place; you’re entering a world shaped by centuries of crystal craft and creativity. It’s more than just glass; it’s a legacy telling a story of sophistication and style.

Signature Sparkle – A Touch of Scarlet

Here’s a fun little design gem tidbit. In the world of Baccarat’s exquisite chandeliers, there’s a classic signature design element that always stands out – the “Baccarat Red” crystal. They swap out one crystal within each chandelier from clear to a bold red, hidden among the others, adding a touch of passion and elegance.

As you explore the Baccarat Hotel, you’ll notice a predominant theme of white and platinum, setting the stage for a canvas of sophistication and luxury. Yet, every now and then, your eye catches those subtle but striking red accents. These little pops of red mirror the iconic “Baccarat Red” crystal nestled within each of the chandeliers, adding a bold and passionate accent to the room.

The Grand Salon: A Crystal Wonderland

As you step inside the Grand Salon, you’re immediately embraced by an ambiance that perfectly marries classic French charm with contemporary opulence.

Now, before we begin our high tea journey, let’s take a moment to appreciate the creative geniuses behind the breathtaking design of the Grand Salon – the dynamic duo of Gilles & Boissier.

These folks aren’t just any design team; they’re the dreamweavers who turned the Grand Salon into the enchanting space it is today. Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier are renowned for their ability to blend traditional elegance with modern chic, creating interiors that are nothing short of spectacular.

Imagine sinking into sumptuous seating that beckons you to sit and savor every moment. The walls, adorned in silk, provide a layer of modern luxury and glamour. The prismatic windows delightfully block the views of harried tourists and shroud the space in a spectrum of natural light.

And all of this ambiance is situated under the brilliant and glistening Baccarat chandeliers that float overhead, like an array of twinkling stars above.

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Best High Tea New York City

When it comes to choosing where to have high tea in NYC, you have a lot of options. Consult any NYC Travel Guide, and you’ll find an array of recommendations ranging from traditional afternoon tea to very high-end, luxury teas in all of Manhattan’s best luxury hotels. The high tea experience at The Plaza Hotel includes an exquisite presentation of food as miniature works of art – including finger sandwiches, scones, delicate tarts, airy éclairs, and petite cakes. The Whitby Hotel is another midtown hotel known for its exceptional afternoon tea experience.

Baccarat is Best of the Best

But if you want my pick, among all the many New York travel tips, my choice for the best afternoon tea in NYC is hands-down the Baccarat Hotel. You’ll enjoy one of the most beautiful hotels in the heart of Manhattan while feasting under Baccarat crystal.

Sip and Shine: The High Tea Experience

But the space isn’t just a feast for the eyes. You’ll sit, surrounded by scents of freshly brewed tea and baked treats wafting through the air. The Grand Salon is more than a room; it’s a place where every sip and bite is a symphony of flavors and elegance. 🍵🪞✨

As you settle into your seat, you’re presented with a menu of exquisite teas, each with its own story to tell. Whether you’re a fan of robust black teas, fragrant herbal blends, or something in between, there’s a perfect brew for you.

And then there’s the grand presentation of delights. A towering masterpiece arrives at your table, adorned with an array of finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries that look almost too beautiful to eat.

The bite-sized finger sandwiches transport you to a world of culinary creativity. But it’s the pastries that steal the show. Miniature works of art, they’re as pleasing to the eye as they are to the palate. Delicate tarts, airy éclairs, and petite cakes are carefully crafted, each bite an explosion of taste and texture.

But wait, there’s more! We’re talking about bubbles, my friends. That’s right – champagne. It’s the icing on the cupcake. The Grand Salon knows that no high tea is complete without a bit of fizz. You can add a glass or two of fine champagne to your tea service, taking your experience to the next level of indulgence.

Raise a Glass

So, as you savor your high tea in this mesmerizing space, raise a cup to Gilles & Boissier for their artistic brilliance and for making every moment in the Grand Salon an experience to remember. The ultimate space to experience modern luxury is at the Baccarat for a High Tea experience in NYC.

It’s more than a meal; it’s a memory in the making. Whether you’re sharing this experience with friends, family, or simply taking a moment for yourself, the Grand Salon at the Baccarat Hotel offers a journey into a world of grace and charm. It’s a place where crystal brilliance, impeccable design, and modern luxury come together to create an unforgettable afternoon.

And if you need even more basking in the lap of luxury, I encourage you to stay the night and experience the hotel and spa for the ultimate indulgence!

On to your Next Adventure

There’s more to explore in the City that Never Sleeps. Be sure to check out some of my favorite design destinations like Il Fiorista in NYC and around the world in the links below. And before you go, be sure to grab my Top 3 Paint Picks – inspired by this glamorous design destination.

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