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About the hottest thing since sliced avocado toast?

Boho is a free-spirited style that celebrates a fun, eclectic mix of colors, patterns, and decor.

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Boho fever...

has taken the world by storm -  emerging from fashion's top runways, it's now trending its way into homes across the globe.

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Learn the latest Boho style trends from a leading design expert so you'll be up to date on today's hottest look.

Learn to navigate Boho's tricky aesthetic of style mash-ups and contradictions so you'll avoid making mistakes that can throw your design off-track

Have the most stylish house on the block, amazing your friends that you created this hip home, all by yourself. *wink, wink*

Hi, I'm Sarah

In teaching interior design to over 20,000 students, I've learned that many people want to create the home of their dreams but need a little guidance along the way.

I've created a style guide to help you make confident decor choices so you can bring this hip, Boho look into your home.

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What's included?

This Boho Style Guide Video is a series of 22 video lessons that show you various ways you can express your own unique interpretation of a Boho vibe that will look great in your home

Boho Style Overview

Unlock the mystique of this style by discovering its historic origins (fun fact - this style got its start centuries ago...and has come full circle back in the spotlight with today's trending decor).


Style Break/Down

Get a glimpse as a designer offers you an insightful "peek behind the curtains" to walk you through various spaces and explain why the parts and pieces all work together to create a successful Boho space.

Bring it Home

Explore various ways to implement a Boho aesthetic across a spectrum of decor options to create a unique design expression for your home. 

Specific sections include:

Color Palettes
Art & Accessories

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ready to rock a boho style in your home?

This Boho guide will help you navigate the many decor decisions that await

So you can feel a sense of confidence and pride knowing you pulled off an amazing Boho transformation.

Any Questions?

Will I need a huge budget to implement these ideas into my home?


My goal is to empower you to create a Boho look that works within your style and budget. You can spend as much or as little as you want in your home - no pressure!

I live in an apartment and am not allowed to paint my walls or do any major demo. Can I still pull off this Boho look?


Absolutely! I know the angst of having landlord imposed decor restrictions. This video will give you lots of options to decorate your space in a way that won't jeopardize your security deposit!

Will I need to hire a general contractor to implement the ideas shown here in these videos?


This course focuses on furniture, colors, and artwork - all things you can easily implement without a general contractor. However, you are free to expand on the ideas here and embark on a more extensive renovation, if you choose.

What if I still want to hire my own interior designer after watching this video?


Whether you choose to DIY your project or choose to engage a designer, having the knowledge from this video will give you insight and a clear vision and direction. So if you do choose to hire a decorator, you'll be a dream client who can clearly articulate your dream design style (which could save you lots on design fees for redesign services!).

What's the format of this Boho Guide?


This is a series of video lessons with images and guided narration from a licensed interior designer to help you master the Boho style.

How long do I have access to this course?


You'll have access to this digital guide for a minimum of 6 months - and continued access for as long as it's offered as part of the Roam & Reside brand.

Will I be able to contact Sarah to ask questions and get feedback on my decorating ideas after purchasing this guide?


This is a pre-recorded video program and does not include one-to-one feedback or project-specific advice.

What is your return policy?


Given the immediate access to all digital materials, there is no refund offered for this content.

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