View from mezzanine looking onto Boho cafe with barista, Pluk Amsterdam

Pluk is a charming Boho cafe nestled within Amsterdam’s canals, offering a treat for your eyes, as well as your tastebuds.

Boho cafe and bakery wtih open window showing signage "Pluk - a piece for everyone" in Amsterdam.
A view of the Pluk Amsterdam bakery signage “a piece for everyone”

I knew something was up the minute my boss poked his head around the corner with an unnerving glimmer in his eye.

“Got any plans for tomorrow?” he asked. 

I mentally released the happy hour I had been looking forward to all week and forced a smile.

“Nope, nothing at all! What’s up?”

Boss Man proceeded to inform me that I was needed in Amsterdam the next day to present to two hundred of Europe’s top designers. No big deal. 

“Book a red-eye and memorize the presentation notes on the plane. You’ll be golden!” 

He offered a quick “Cheers!” before disappearing back around the corner.

And so, I found myself the next afternoon perched on a stage rather than a barstool, looking out over a somewhat intimidating sea of chic European designers.

This was not how I had envisioned spending the next 48 hours of my life. However, meeting and mingling with these top international design minds was far more rewarding than any standard stateside happy hour.

Seemingly as abruptly as it had begun, the whirlwind of workshops came to a close. And while my design inspiration was at an all-time high, my jet-lagged self was in serious need of caffeination and quiet.

This quest led to my discovery of the most delightful Boho cafe in Amsterdam, and I’m so excited to share it with you.

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Pluk A Piece for Everyone

Woman making coffee, inside Pluk, a Boho cafe and bakery in Amsterdam decorated in a Boho interior design style with large windows and stylish merchandise.
Overhead view from mezzanine of woman making a latte at Pluk, a Boho bakery in Amsterdam.

It was a crisp fall day, so I took a meandering walk through The 9’s Amsterdam’s ultimate shopping destination, nestled between the canals.

And here I stumbled upon Pluk – this lovely little cafe, complete with a coffee shop and bakery. I strolled in, seeking the warmth of a frothy cappuccino after my autumn walk.

To Spend the Day in a Charming Boho Cafe

On their website, the owner describes this venue as a “happy, healthy place.” And it mentions a goal to make the store an “interior paradise.” I mean…what more can you ask for in life? A happy, healthy paradise? I’m all in!

Honestly, I’m not even sure where to start in describing this darling gem of a place because there are so many pretty things to behold. 

The huge open-air windows let smells of coffee and pastries drift out into the street, tempting passers-by with whiffs of tantalizing treats.

The decor and merchandising convey the heart and passion of an owner who’s created a memorable space that’s chic and fun with an effortless Boho vibe.

What is a Modern Boho Interior Design Style?

The overall look blends vintage charm and modern flair with absolute perfection. It’s an Instagrammer’s dream.

So what’s this Boho thing all about? First, it should not be confused with the more common Bohemian interior design style. That look is filled with bold, jewel tones and often has a strong Moroccan influence.

The modern Boho look is a trending style that celebrates a free-spirited, eclectic vibe blending unique and colorful patterns, textiles, and decor.

It’s about expressing your own unique point of view in a way that’s authentic. Nothing is too perfect or matchy-matchy. Instead, it embraces a layering of various elements in an array of colors, patterns, and textures. Every item is chosen because it tells a story or has some personal and meaningful connection.

Curious to find out if a Boho style is your thing? Check out my free interior design quiz here.

Satisfying a Sweet Tooth

So going back to the tour, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s a wide selection of tantalizing treats just waiting to be savored.

As I was checking out, I fell in love with the charming pastel packages on the chocolate bars. And promptly purchased one for every one of my friends waiting back home. 

Display of whimsical pastel-packaged chocolate candy bars at Pluk, a boho cafe with an interior design style in Amsterdam.
Display of whimsical pastel-packed candle-lit chocolate candy bars.

Pro tip: If you’re planning a stop in this shop, do yourself a favor and be sure to leave some wiggle room in your bag for take-homes.

That was my one regret. That extra pair of shoes I’d thrown in at the last minute took up the remaining space I should have saved to bring home some of these fun finds like these ribbon-wrapped lavender candles. *sigh*

Assortment of lavender and purple candles and glazed ceramic mugs for sale at Pluk, a boho cafe.
Assortment of lavender and purple candles and glazed ceramic mugs for sale at Pluk.

Retail Therapy

Nothing gets me to open my wallet faster than a well-merchandised assortment. So be on your guard (and don’t say I didn’t warn you!).

The color-coordination of the merchandise is enough to make you swoon. There are all sorts of fun finds like cute throw pillows for your bedroom, inspired artwork, and accessories galore. Color palettes in hues ranging from lavender and purple, to mint and pink pastels, give the goods a femme allure. And yet, they somehow pull this off without being too precious. (Props to the Pluk team, as that’s a fine line to walk). 

That’s truly the beauty of the Boho aesthetic. It’s charming without being cutesy or cheesy. There’s a level of chic sophistication that keeps things cool rather than cringey.

Retail merchandise at Pluk Amsterdam display including cards, candles, and home goods displayed on wood plank shelves and wire metal baskets.
Charming retail merchandise displayed on wood plank shelves and sorted in wire metal baskets at Pluk, Amsterdam.

The curated assortment had such an inspired, personal feel to the handmade styling of the decor and the adorable packaging! You could see the thought and attention that went into selecting every single item placed on each shelf. I love that attention to detail!

So that curation, along with all the TLC baked into the treats, translates into a unique must-see design destination that should be on your Amsterdam travel list.

Spoiler-Alert: There’s the cutest little attic upstairs!!

At one side of the cafe, you’ll find this quaint, winding staircase.

Now I’m not gonna lie, this is tricky to navigate with a hot, frothy beverage. But the view is worth it – just be sure to watch your step and hang onto your latte!


Curved staircase in whitewashed wood leading to the attic mezzanine at Pluk, in Amsterdam - a boho cafe with stylish wares and treats flanked by glowing votive candles.
A view looking down the curving staircase lined with votive candles.

An Attic Overlook

Within this well-designed Boho cafe, this upper attic is a perfect perch to sit and watch the bustle below.

This is where I sat and treated myself to a delightful cappuccino (caffeine for the win!) and some scrumptious banana nut bread. And instead of diving headfirst into my emails, I basked in the cute and cozy overall ambiance. 

Each tabletop was made with a herringbone wood inlay. And there was pink Himalayan salt for good measure.

Floating wooden shelves displaying various decorative Boho interior design accessories.
Floating wooden shelves displaying various decorative Boho accessories.

But wait…there’s more!

This whole experience had already far exceeded my expectations. But being the curious little creature I am, on my way out, I noticed a door to one side of the attic and felt compelled to see where it led.

To my utter delight, I found myself crossing the threshold to a rooftop garden. And points for consistency – this space was all decked out in Boho splendor.

The plant perimeter added the perfect pop of greenery against the simple white walls. And the floral outdoor rug softened some of the more minimalistic details in the enclosure.

The woven chair was an obvious (and appropriate) Boho touch for this sequestered garden. And the collection of succulents and the pistachio watering can delivered the right amount of accessorizing.

Hidden rooftop garden terrace with colorful plants and Boho furniture.
Hidden rooftop garden terrace with colorful plants and Boho furniture.

Why It Works:

It’s an amazing art to create a unique Boho cafe venue like Pluk where everything is executed to perfection.

The concept is charming, the food is tasty (and healthy – guilt be gone!). The branding is spot on, the product displays are enticing, and the decor is fun and memorable.

I’ve rarely come across a restaurant that hits it out of the park on each and every level.

So what makes this all work?

First off is the cohesive Boho style concept that’s reinforced in every piece of decor and merchandising – all the way down to the graphic design on the logo and packaging. The handmade artwork and lettering on the collateral and the colors all work together to create a delightful ambiance and experience.

Second, the expanses of large white walls in the interior room and the rooftop garden set the backdrop for the playful use of soft pastel colors. They bring a sense of lightness and freshness that lifts your spirits.

The warmth of the light wood adds a coziness that offsets everything else happening in the space. This neutral backdrop of the warm wood floor and bright white walls allows your eyes to focus on the retail items and the tasty treats at the counter. 

Finally, that sense of personalization comes through in every touchpoint so that you know you’re in a boutique space, rather than some generic mass-market outlet. Those small details make a huge impact in the overall effect.

Boho Interior Design Style Takeaways

If you’re loving this look, here are a few key takeaways from this Boho cafe to create this look in your home.

Boho interior design style seating group with lounge chair, floor lamp, and artwork in watercolor.
Boho interior design style inspiration.

Bring It Home – 7 Boho Interior Design Style Tips:

1. Have fun mixing unique and interesting colors, patterns, and textures in your rugs, artwork, pillows, and accessories.

2. Blend in a layered assortment of textiles and accessories that feature interesting patterns, weaves, textures, and color combos.

3. Highlight your personality through art and mementos. Whatever you display must celebrate what you find to be both meaningful and beautiful.

4. Mix-and-match your decor to incorporate some vintage finds blended with more modern trends.

5. Rock a Boho (versus Bohemian) style decor by celebrating unique color combinations that are balanced with expanses of natural elements and moments of white space.

6. Lighten and brighten the environment with strategic pops of white to keep things fresh and airy.

7. Connect with nature by bringing in plants and add in warm wood tones for an organic touch.

Learn More about the Boho Design Style

Boho interior design style with wooden tray in bed with patterned textiles.

Boho may look effortless, but there’s a true art to mastering this style. If you’d like to learn more about the Boho style and how to bring this look into your home, click here.

Pluk – The Wrap-Up.

This one-of-a-kind treasure is a must-see design destination in Amsterdam. So whether you go solo or with a troupe of your fave friends, this Boho cafe is a true delight for your eyes and your tastebuds!

I highly recommend that you stop by to sit, stay, and snack for a bit.

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