Boho interior design in Parker Palm Springs Desert Getaway

What do you get when you mix mid-century swank with California cool and mash it all up with some modern Bohemian decorating flair? Join me on a Boho journey into the quirky-cool Parker Hotel in Palm Springs, California.

The Allure of Adler

Big-name interior designers are known for a signature style that defines their iconic look and feel. Jonathan Adler is one such designer who has become well-known in recent years.

Hearing his name always brings to mind bright pops of color and hip, mod accessories that make you do a double-take

You can’t help but smile when you walk into a space that rocks his style. There’s wit, kitsch, and clever touches charming every surface.

Bohemian decorating with lip artwork ascending the stairs at the Parker Palm Springs.
Quirky Boho decor at the Parker Palm Springs.

In my opinion, Adler’s work at the Parker Palm Springs is one of the best expressions of a Bohemian style done in a chic, quirky way.

Bohemian Decorating

Bohemian interior design is one of today’s hottest home decor trends. Often casually referred to as “Boho,” this relaxed, carefree style celebrates a free-spirited, independent vibe.

And FYI, “Bohemian” and “Boho” are descriptions for the same type of decorating style.

If you’re looking to learn more about Boho and other interior design styles, click here to become a Designer Insider – and get access to free professional interior design style advice!

And you can also take my interior design style quiz here to help you discover which look is best for your home.

Cozy circular fire pit lounge with Bohemian decor at the Parker Palm Springs hotel.
Cozy fire pit lounge at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

The great thing about this look is that it’s very flexible, meaning there are many different ways you can morph this style to work with your unique personality. If you like bright colors, then you can go to town. Or, if you prefer a more neutral palette, you can head in that direction and infuse a plethora of interesting weaves and textures to bring in that Boho vibe.

Given the unique and quirky nature of the Bohemian aesthetic, it can be a bit tricky to master. Creating a chic Boho style requires breaking some conventional rules of design.

If you want to learn how more about this trending style, check out my Boho Design Style Guide to unlock some of the mystique, so you can create your own Bohemian style in your home.

Desert Oasis

The Parker Palm Springs was originally built back in the 1950s and has a classic mid-century charm. Celebrities would escape the bright lights of Los Angeles and come to this desert hideaway to rest and recharge.

Adler brought in his gift for glam and fun and modernized this historic structure by blending in a quirky Bohemian flair that makes this a memorable destination unlike any other.

Let’s take a tour and explore how Adler’s eclectic style and Boho decor are showcased within this desert getaway.

Making an Entrance

Bright orange door behind decorative geometric white concrete block wall graces the entrance to the Parker Palm Springs hotel.
The bold orange doors grace the entry into the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

An undulating array of patterned bricks screen the entrance like a fortress wall. You can see how celebrities are drawn to this hideout as their desert escape from the flashbulbs of paparazzi.

The vivid orange double door foreshadows the unconventional decor that awaits within.

A Knight in Shining Armor

An armored metal man flanks the entry and offers an unexpected welcome. His secondary role is guarding this quirky purple foot resting under a cascading glass-linked chandelier.

Clever wit is a great element to use in Bohemian decorating. And within this genre of design humor, Adler is a true master.

Funky, eclectic Boho decor at the Parker Palm Springs includes knight in armor sculpture, a purple glass foot, and a glass link chandelier.
Funky, eclectic Boho art and accessories decorate the lobby of the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

Adler is not only a great interior designer but also a gifted potter. I’m a huge fan of his whimsical style of ceramics. You can see a few of his additions installed in various moments within the space.

One of my favorite expressions is this series of all-white glowing palm tree light fixtures. They echo Adler’s favorite white-on-white ceramic style while giving a nod to the local flora.

Decorative palm tree lighting hang from the ceiling at the Parker Palm Springs hotel.
Sculptural palm-tree-inspired lighting at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

These hang from the ceiling, giving the illusion that you’re walking under a canopy of palm leaves. I’m always a fan of a clever design nod to the great outdoors.

Bohemian Style

The Bohemian living room expresses the Boho style with an eclectic mix of furniture. Here you can see the classic Chesterfield sofa paired with some eccentric chairs with exaggerated metal backs.

Bohemian living room with sofa, coffee table, artwork, and table lamps at the Parker Palm Springs.
Bohemian furnishings in the living room at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

A woven tapestry ripples across the wall, and paired fringed throw pillows complete the Bohemian look.

Hanging Out

If you prefer to sit on the perimeter away from the fray, these hanging chairs provide the perfect Instagram moment or allow you to slowly sway as you survey the crowd.

Duo of Boho hanging woven chairs in front of large window with draperies.
Woven hanging Boho swing chairs at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

Midway through the hotel, you’ll encounter a sun-lit lounge. Its whitewashed brick wall is adorned with a bold, salvaged pharmacy sign over the fireplace. This installation is a genius boho move to repurpose a historical artifact into a feature statement piece of artwork.

The colorful little lanterns in the wall niche add pattern and splashes of vivid colors to become a focal point within the space.

Bohemian lounge furniture in the lobby with a large chandelier, featured "Drugs" sign, and lanterns in the fireplace.
Eclectic Boho furniture and decor in the Parker Palm Springs Hotel lounge.

The smorgasbord of pillows flanking the sofa beckons you to come plop yourself down and sit and stay awhile. And the mix of textures, embellishments and even the whimsical butterfly motif creates an eclectic, free-spirited vibe.

Boho Lounge

Walking to the far end of the hotel will lead you to a series of organic sculptural screens with an intriguingly playful peek-a-boo effect.

You can’t help but pause and sneak a peek to see if you can catch a glimpse of a celebrity or wannabe influencer.

Series of organic sculptural screens surround the Boho lounge and fire pit at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.
A series of sculptural screens surrounds the Boho lounge and fire pit at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

Peering through this mod screen wall reveals a cozy circular fire pit. It’s the perfect spot for those chilly desert nights after the sun sets beyond the hills.

This lounge showcases Jonathan Adler’s eccentric and eclectic look at its best.

Eclectic mix of bohemian interior design furniture in the living room lounge of the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.
Eclectic Boho decor and furniture in the Parker Palm Springs lounge.

Bohemian Decorating Breakdown

Let’s break down how Alder creates this compelling Bohemian living space through his layering of textures, patterns, and colors.

He incorporates a varied assortment of furniture – from fully upholstered sofas to metal-framed lounge chairs. And those are contrasted with the more organic and natural forms in the screen walls. Using tension and unexpected contrast is a great way to create a Boho style.

He also adds a softness to the space through his use of plush area rugs and textured colorful throw pillows.

And his mixed metals are highlighted in the clustered tear-drop coffee table and the brushed brass frames on the velvet chairs. That touch of glam adds refinement and a slight formality so all the eclectic finds don’t feel random and schlumpy.

Golden Hour

The golden color palette is expertly executed with the ochre channeled sofa that softly snakes around the room, mirroring the curves in the fire pit.

Curved ochre sofa, furry orange throw pilows, a large floor lamp, and some macrame owls create a cozy Boho interior design style.
A warm color palette of fabrics, brass tables, and woven macrame owls create a cozy Boho interior design style.

The flame-colored furry pillows bring in more texture and reinforce the warm glow of the fireplace. And the scalloped cocktail tables do double duty bringing in a glam, organic touch to the overall furniture collection.

Plus, they make a perfect cocktail photo backdrop. #Cheers!

Three cocktails displayed on a scalloped brass coffee table.
A trio of crafted cocktails on a scalloped brass coffee table at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

The range of colors coming through in the furniture, the throw pillows, and even the warm sheen of the brass lighting casts a lovely glow over the space – and also your complexion (win-win!).

A Bohemian chandelier in matte gold hangs in front of a curved, channel-tufted leather sofa.
A Bohemian chandelier in matte gold hangs in front of a curved, channel-tufted leather sofa at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

Boho Macrame Art

Macrame is almost a must-do accessory when it comes to Bohemian decorating. And Adler did not leave us hanging.

But here, no basic planters would do. Instead, he gathered a flock of wise owls to oversee the crowd, keeping their watchful eyes on any shenanigans.

Bohemian gallery art wall with series of woven macrame owls at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.
Bohemian gallery art wall with series of woven macrame owls at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

Mini Bar

Mini Bar is worth a visit and is hard to miss, located between two brass palm trees, centered within the lobby.

Turquoise velvet doors with nailhead trim detail flanked by two brass palm tree sculptures at the entrance to Mini Bar at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.
Velvet turquoise doors flanked by brass palm trees at the entrance to Mini Bar at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

The plush turquoise velvet and nailhead trimmed doors lead to a Deco den. And the channeled brushed brass barstools perfectly offset the marble in the bar.

Deco design details with brushed brass barstools inside Mini Bar at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.
Deco details with a combo of marble and brushed brass barstools.

The cocktails are on point. And a seat at the bar reveals even more of Adler’s design humor – coming through in the multi-faced pottery crowned with billowy white feathers.

Quirky Boho decor with a multi-face vase and white feathers at Mini Bar at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.
A signature Jonathan Adler pottery creation – a multi-faced vase crowned with feathers.

Brunch Munch

Pro Tip:

Norma’s Doughnuts and the Chocolate Decadence French Toast are absolutely worth the calories. Do it!!

Colorful mid-century design outdoor patio brunch at Norma's at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.
This colorful Mid-Century style patio is the perfect spot for a delicious brunch at Norma’s at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.

Capturing the Boho Look

There’s something to be said about surrounding yourself with a style that’s all about fun. Boho decorating celebrates an eclectic assortment of things you love.

As you can see from this tour of the Parker, it takes a lot of heart and skill to create a style that marches to its own beat and breaks conventional rules of decorating.

Feature orange entry door in the Boho living room at the Parker Palm Springs Hotel.
Vivid orange doors and an eclectic Boho blend of a zebra rug and geo patterned lounge chair.

Jonathan Adler has done it here in a way that mixes up a bit of Boho, desert chic, Mid-Century Modern, and a touch of glam. But this is just one way to express a Boho style. There are many ways you can morph this free-spirited look into one that’s just right for you.

If you’d like to learn more about the Bohemian decorating style and wish you had a guide to help you successfully bring this unique look into your home, then you’re in luck!

I’ve created a Boho Design Style Guide to help you master this trendy look.

Learn more here.

Bring it Home

While Adler has a signature sense of quirk to his Boho chic expression, there are so many different ways you can bring the Boho look into your home in a form that fits your personality.

Watercolor image of a Boho interior with hanging woven swing chairs.
Boho style living room with hanging woven swing chairs.

Bohemian Decorating Style Takeaways:

Here are some key Bohemian decorating takeaways to help you bring this look into your home.

1. More is more.

Think of how you can bring in multiple layers of textiles into your space. Add an area rug. Then layer throws onto the sofa. And finish off with a series of accent throw pillows.

2. No blank wall space.

Your walls are your canvas and a perfect opportunity for an artistic expression!

3. Eclectic assortment.

You want your Boho style to look effortless, so it’s important to have a mix of things that don’t all match. That will keep your style feeling cool and casual.

4. Mix patterns.

Boho style is all about creating visual interest, and adding patterns is a great way to bring dimension to your space.

You can do this by bringing in bold graphics, colorful materials, and interesting woven textures through your accessories.

5. Get in touch with nature.

Natural materials have their own interesting organic patterns, and those can look Great and add a pop of vibrant color to a Boho space.

6. Add color.

If you’re feeling daring and want to infuse bright colors into your space, choose key moments to highlight.

Or if you opt for more neutral colors, be sure to bring in a range of tones – not just basic beige and white.

Bohemian Decorating Style Wrap-Up

This memorable hotel showcases the best of a fun, quirky Boho style.

If you’d like to learn more about bringing a Boho style into your home, check out my Boho Video Style Guide here.

And be sure to sign up here to become a Designer Insider – for exclusive, free access to professional interior design style tips.

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