LA’s Per La Hotel sets the stage for new traditional decor and more

The Per La hotel in downtown LA beautifully preserves history while showcasing the emerging, “New Traditional” interior design style.

Do you find yourself captivated by the mix of nostalgia and modernism radiating from Los Angeles? Throughout the city are remnants of vintage Hollywood glamour linger from the gilded era of those larger-than-life movie stars. It’s unfortunate the magnificent theaters of yesterday are now being overshadowed by swarms of digital influencers constantly vying for attention through much smaller screens.

But the energy of the contrast between old and new offers some incredible opportunities for design.

Join me for a tour of this magnificent hotel and learn tips for how you can bring some of these new traditional style elements into your own home.

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The Per La Hotel, Los Angeles

From the moment you walk past the imposing Corinthian columns, you realize this is no ordinary hotel.

Once the former headquarters of the Bank of Italy in the heyday of the roaring 1920s, this hotel now has both heart and history. This era can still be seen in beautiful Neoclassical moments throughout the space through the fluted molding, exquisite wooden features, paneled walls, and architectural details.

New traditional interior design style - Velvet lounge seating in lounge at the Nomad hotel in Los Angeles
Plush seating with velvet and fringe details at the Per La Hotel, Los Angeles.

Interior designer Jacques Garcia hit the perfect balance of respecting the character and history of the building while also bringing in the requisite modern luxury demanded by its discerning clientele. With all of this beautifully preserved history, the hotel still feels new, fresh, and relevant.

At first glance, the style of this hotel appears as a nod to yesterday, infused with design touches that reflect a traditional style. But look closer, and you’ll notice these classic details are presented in a way that also feels very modern and of the moment.

This is the allure of the New Traditional style.

The New Traditional Interior Design Style

The New Traditional interior design style is a captivating blend of the best of yesterday blended with a modern twist. It delights in the best of everything – a true maximalist style approach.

This design aesthetic embraces ornate styles, jewel tones, and anything beyond boring, basic white walls.

Maximalism – More Is More

Recent design trends seem somewhat stuck in a holding pattern, polarizing the masses between two styles. It feels as if one must either adorn every visible surface in shiplap to achieve the ultimate modern farmhouse or embrace somber restraint with a minimalist design style focused on simple lines and subdued neutral colors.

But thankfully, this new traditional interior design style is slowly starting to emerge with a zest and vigor that’s a breath of fresh air.

Restraint is out, decadence is in (which is much more fun)!

New traditional interior design style - Looking through the arches into the Nomad restaurant, Los Angeles.
View through the arches, looking into the Per La Hotel restaurant.

Warm woods are back in fashion and beautifully offset the bold colors in the carefully curated old-world fabrics.

New traditional interior design style - Emerald green velvet sofa and lounge chairs with fringe and colorful throw pillows.
Emerald green velvet lounge seating at the Per La Hotel, Los Angeles.

Social Spaces

If you love all things plush and decadent – I’m talking fringe, velvet, and sultry colors – you’re in for a treat!

This interior design style brings an array of colors, patterns, and charm. Each surface and detail offers something special – from the crown molding wrapping the ceiling to the plush plum wallcoverings surrounding the arcaded archways.

New traditional interior design style - Lounge at the Nomad hotel with plum arched walls and glass chandeliers.
Glass chandeliers and plum arched walls at the Per La Hotel, Los Angeles.

Neoclassical Moments

While guests at the hotel were no doubt peering around columns hoping for a hot celebrity sighting, I couldn’t take my eyes off the expansive, ornate Neoclassical ceiling enveloping the lobby and restaurant.

New traditional interior design style - Grand foyer entry with historic neoclassical ceiling over green lounge chairs and botanical plants.
Neoclassic ceiling details at the Per La Hotel, Los Angeles.

This maximalist trend is on full display in the fringed, emerald-green velvet furniture flanked by towering botanicals. These soft furnishings provide the perfect backdrop to an array of colorful floral throw pillows. The traditional design feels appropriate to the history of the space, while the vibrant colors feel very relevant.

And the vivid, bold patterns that grace every chair throughout the public space feel whimsical and fun. It’s almost as if you’ve found yourself in the midst of a Gatsby garden party. Clean lines and neutral colors have been banished; replaced by opulence and vivid jewel tones. Hooray!

New traditional interior design style - Ornate bar with illuminated liquor display shelves and emerald velvet barstools at the Nomad Hotel, Los Angeles.
Decorative liquor display at the Per La Hotel bar, Los Angeles.

Architectural details abound, crowning the perfectly positioned liquors glowing under their arched moldings. Brushed brass metal inlays echo the emerald velvet fabric barstools with their soft scallop. All in, this creates a perfect Neoclassical style expression.

New traditional interior design style - Paneled green walls with artwork over a green velvet sofa with floral throw pillows at the Nomad hotel, Los Angeles.
Vivid colors in the walls, sofa, and floral throw pillows at the Per La Hotel, Los Angeles.

Maximalism is on full display in this seating nook, with luxurious finishes covering every surface. This mix of materials artfully layers stone wainscots, upholstered wall panels, metal crown moldings, and ornately detailed ceilings.

The Per La Guestroom

Moving upstairs to the guestrooms takes you away from the dizzying LA scene and offers its own charms.

The entry was an unexpected surprise. This sultry marine green – my current #colorcrush of the moment – saturated every single surface.

This perfectly moody tone washed the walls, doors, ceiling, and even the crown molding.

New traditional interior design style - Mini bar within the foyer entry painted in marine green at the Nomad guest room, Los Angeles.
Guestroom foyer entry and minibar at the Per La Hotel, Los Angeles.

Note – For those who say you should never use dark colors in a small space – this hotel proves them all wrong.

And of course, the decorative accessories were on point. There was a mini-bar with cut crystal glassware resting on a gilded tray – the ultimate New Traditional style touch. Complete perfection.

Minibar display details with cut crystal glassware on mirrored tray at the Nomad Hotel, Los Angeles.
Minibar with cut crystal glassware displayed on a mirrored tray, Per La Hotel, Los Angeles.

The bedroom styling was more understated, but the space felt perfect – with the right amount of detail in the rounded headboard and glowing glass globe sconces flanking the bed.

Nomad hotel, Los Angeles, guest room bed with wall sconces and green area rug
Guestroom at the Per La Hotel, Los Angeles.

Art Collection

The maximalist vibe emerged once again in the carefully curated artwork display. So many hotels suffer from sad, generic artwork. But not here, not for the Per La.

Instead, there’s a full gallery art wall showcased in each room, which felt like a real treat. These personal touches make you feel as though you’re being treated to an exclusive showing of someone’s private art collection.

Gallery wall artwork display collection in the guestroom at the Nomad hotel, Los Angeles.
Gallery wall artwork in the guest room at the Per La Hotel, Los Angeles.

More opulence is apparent through the bright colors in the vivid velvet floral sofa, adding organic elements to the space.

Marble table with velvet floral sofa and teal throw pillows at the Nomad hotel, Los Angeles
Colorful textiles and a marble tabletop in the guestroom at the Per La Hotel, Los Angeles.

Bathroom Design

It was delightful to see the shower as its own art opportunity showcasing a bold tile pattern – much more interesting than yet another basic white subway tile.

Patterned tile in the bathroom at the Nomad hotel in Los Angeles.
Patterned shower tile at the Per La hotel bathroom, Los Angeles.

The styling in the bathroom felt exactly as it should with a classic marble vanity and gleaming brushed brass hardware. The golden swirls in the accessories carried the design style into the smallest of details.

New traditional interior design style - Marble sink and vanity with gold decorative accessories in the bathroom at the Nomad hotel, Los Angeles
Vanity sink accessories at the Per La Hotel, Los Angeles.

Bring it Home – New Traditional Interior Design Style

If you’re captivated by this bold mix of yesterday and today, here are some style take-aways you can use to bring this New Traditional look to life into your own home.

Watercolor image of a new traditional interior design style with chest of drawers, lounge chair, and plants.
New Traditional interior design style inspiration.

This watercolor is an example of one way you can bring this dramatic style into your home in a livable way.

Gather some classic furniture pieces with traditional design details. Be sure to bring in some upholstery with great texture and bold color. Then accessorize with an array of leafy green plants and botanicals. You can even reinforce the organic quality in your artwork selections.

6 Tips for a New Traditional Interior Design Style

1. Embrace tradition.

Find classic, antique pieces that you absolutely love.

2. Enliven your living space.

Be vibrant and bold with your selections and decorative accessories.

3. Mix different styles.

Find ways to showcase a blend of classic and contemporary design styles in key elements so that your space feels on-trend.

4. Embrace bold colors.

To keep the palette from becoming too overpowering, embrace deeply saturated colors. And use consistency in color repetition so that you’re not bringing too many competing colors into the space.

Green velvet lounge seating under large picture window in the lobby of the Nomad hotel, Los Angeles.
Vibrant colors in the draperies, upholstery, pillows, and plants at the Per La Hotel in Los Angeles.

5. Showcase botanicals.

Real plans add color and sculptural forms to the space. And they’re an excellent way to bring in natural elements and textures. Feel free to reference floral motifs in the fabrics and patterns adorning your space.

Patterned wallpaper in the guest room closet at the Nomad hotel in Los Angeles.
Patterned wallpaper in the Per La Hotel guest room closet, Los Angeles.

6. Surprise and delight.

It’s a fun surprise to find this unexpected patterned wallpaper lurking in the closet at the Nomad. Find moments within your home that you can elevate with special design touches.

New Traditional Interior Design Style Wrap-Up

These are some of the ways you can bring a New Traditional design style to life in a big way.

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